About Us

MEYER & ASSOCIATES is an integrated, multi-disciplinary practice that incorporates architecture, interior design and urban design competencies into one bespoke spatial design service.

The original firm, known as MEYER+VORSTER Architects, Urban Designers and Interior Designers, was founded in 2002. In 2013, the firm was restructured and became known as MEYER & ASSOCIATES Architects, Urban Designers. It is owned and managed by the founding principal of the practice, Tiaan Meyer. He has over twenty years’ experience in the architectural and urban design industry and is complemented by a staff of twelve, which include several professionally registered architects, technologists and interior designers. Team members have been hand-picked for their specialist skill-sets and design capabilities. MEYER & ASSOCIATES takes pride in delivering unique, effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions to clients’ design briefs and development objectives.

The practice and managing partner are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIA) and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa (UDISA), of which Tiaan Meyer has served on the Steering Committee and acted as Chairperson since 2012.

Services are underwritten by Professional Indemnity Insurers to the value of R10 million, with a claim-free record to date.



• We ascribe unashamedly to the ethos of designing contemporary buildings and places which speak of our time and place in history. In doing so, we avoid architectural pastiche and direct references to “style”. We rather wish to express the epoch in which the buildings or places were built, yet still embodying qualities that are timeless.
• We ascribe to a regionalist approach where buildings and urban places respond appropriately and sensitively to the specifics of the Cape climate and context, its spectacular setting and place qualities.
• We believe in respect for history, and are acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with the legacy that we left as professionals in the built environment.
• We believe in the creation of enabling environments through our projects, whereby being pro-active, we can provide direction and guidance for others to follow.
• We embrace urban design as the setting for architecture.
• We ascribe to creative and expressive solutions, within the context of the necessary design restraint.
• We strive for integrity at all levels and believe in delivering buildings and places which address the client’s needs and concerns, within the context of their budgets – providing solutions beyond the clients’ expectations.
• And lastly we believe that we have a role to play in the restructuring of the South African built environment to bring about social change and provide equitable access to opportunities to all inhabitants of South Africa – with specific focus on the needs of the poor and marginalized in society.

The practice is managed by:

Tiaan Meyer – B. Arch. (UFS), M. City Planning and Urban Design (UCT), Arch.SA, MSAIA, CIA, UDISA – Managing Partner

Ann-Mari Da Silva Moreira – B Arch Stud, B Arch Stud (Hons), M Arch (Prof) – Managing Associate

Eben Grobler – B Arch Stud, B Arch Stud (Hons), M Arch (Prof) – Managing Associate

Kim Tejada – Office Manager