Three Houses at Avenue Brittany, Bantry BayCommercial

The development consists of three luxurious, freestanding dwellings – designed for adeveloper in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. Theelevated position of the sites provide noteworthy views which have been fully exploited. Each of the three houses has been designedwith a different set of client requirements in mind. The most elevated of the three will appeal to younger tastes – lending itself to a “lockup and go” lifestyle. The other two houses have been designed to function more as traditional family homes. All cater to the leisure oriented lifestyle with pools, on-site staff accommodation and extensive garaging. Bamboo (arenewable natural resource) has beenused extensively as an interior finish and as decking on the extensive entertainment patios. As a subtle continuation of this theme, livingbamboo has been planted as hedging in some parts of the gardens.