Kensington High School, KensingtonEducational

Kensington High School is a replacement school built as part of the Department of Basic Education’s Accelerated School Infrastructure Development Initiative (ASIDI) Programme. The buildings are arranged around external courtyards which  protects learners and staff from the strong south easterly wind of the Cape Flats. The simplicity of the perimeter blocks are broken and contrasted by the expressive form of elements which contain special functions and significance. These include the front gate area, the staff room and main vertical circulation areas. The new school building accommodates 35 classrooms, 7 specialized classrooms (home economics, laboratories, handwork, and computer rooms), a media centre,  an administration building and alterations and additions to the existing forum which include a new foyer and feeding kitchen. The aim was to design a school that inspires, but at the same time be robust enough to reduce maintenance costs so that it can last for future generations of learners to come.