Retreat Transport Interchange, RetreatTransport

The project consists of the redevelopment of the taxi ranks and bus stations both sides of the railway line at Retreat Station. The upgraded facility will facilitate seamless transition between all modes of transport: rail, bus, minibus, private vehicle and non-motorised transport. Three new taxi ranks, bus stops and private parking will be built. Provision will also be made for the construction of a MyCiTi station in the future. Existing park and ride facilities will be upgraded. Public facilities including ablutions and traders facilities will be built, as well as management and law enforcement offices.

Location of the buildings as well as the placement of covered walkways, walls, and landscaping is carefully considered to define and enhance the public space. Focus is placed on using the buildings to creating spaces that are welcoming and user friendly, yet robust enough to withstand the rigours of an intensively used facility. A strong, identifiable architectural language appropriate to the nature of public space and yet sensitive to human scale is employed.